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Contact us to get technical support:
[email protected]
  If you have a question, or a technical problem, please check the FAQ Lists first. There you will find answers to most of the common questions we get asked. Remember 90% of all support questions we receive are the same, and the answer is probably already on our web site just a few clicks away.  
  About purchase How to order our products?
  • Secure on-line credit card transaction
  • Phone : credit card
  • Fax : credit card
  • Regular mail - check, money order, traveler's check
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  About Cool Barcode Maker Family What about industry-standard barcode formats?
  Please see Industry-standard barcode formats information.
  About PicMail Composer
Can PicMail Compose mail contains grid?
Yes,You can copy the grid form other document editing software. And paste it to PicMail Composer Editor.

What is picture quality?
Default Picture Quality value is 75, and 100 is the best quality, mail size is big if picture quality is high.

Send by MS Outlook Express?
PicMail Composer also can generate a outside mail file, and let MS Outlook Express open it.(You must sure that you have installed MicroSoft Outlook Express)

Shall I lost old mail after Upgrade?
All old mails or address book are still available in the upgrade version. And you don't must reinstall PicMail Composer when reinstall Windows.

  About iWatcher
How to update Engine data ?
Get engines data file (engines.dat) from package file you downloaded.
Find out where you installed iWatcher, and if you now running iWatcher, close it.
Find out old engines data file (engines.dat),backup it.
Copy new engines data file (engines.dat) you downloaded to iWatcher directory, overwrite the old engines.dat.
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