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Support output mail to MS Outlook Express!
Quickly to generate a standard MIME picture mail, Support Architect, Grid etc.



  PicMail Composer 5.0

PicMail Composer is the SMTP client tools that enables users worldwide to send email in their native languages or in any fonts, The recipient can receive and read the message without needing special fonts library or software, from any email address in the world!

While many companies have attempted to solve the challenge of international Internet communications, many obstacles still exist. The other systems require users to install custom fonts before reading email and documents. The language fonts must be
identical on both the sending and receiving machines,making them difficult to use on multiple computers or while traveling.
Finally, you should install many kinds of language fonts in your system. Until PicMail Composer !

Security is important in communications, PicMail Composer can generate the picture mail, It is more secure than Text mail.
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